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Time-Honored Expertise, Inhouse Tooling and Custom Design

Pacific Plastics Design has a long, productive history as a specialty manufacturer of thermoformed and vacuum formed plastics. Whether we use your design or ours, we offer you our time-honored expertise, our in-house tooling and our custom design services to meet your most diverse and challenging manufacturing requirements. We've served customers across Southern California and throughout the country for forty plus years with our prototype to full production capabilities. Our products span industry from automotive to marine and consumer to industrial and retail display. Whatever your needs, we'll help make your vision a reality.

What it Means for You

Whatever your finished product requirements or characteristics: size, shape, geometry, material specs, color, transparency, texture or thickness, we'll find a solution to meet or exceed your expectations. We've created thousands of products for a wide range of industries and end use applications. If we haven't done it before, we'll gladly make it a first.

Thermoforming: A Cost Efficient Process

The thermoforming or vacuum forming process offers many advantages in terms of speed, cost and efficiency. Tooling costs are much lower than with other forms of molding. Thin or thick sheets of material can quickly be formed into a myriad of finished shapes, component parts or finished products. Relatively deep parts can be formed by mechanically or pneumatically stretching the formable sheet prior to bringing it into contact with the mold surface and applying a vacuum. Thermoforming uses conventional thermoplastic materials. These are molded on a variety of materials including wood, resin, fiberglass and aluminum. Based on our experience, we'll recommend the most cost-effective material according to the shape, size and production quantities involved. Vacuum forming is also suitable for transparent materials like PETG or acrylic which have many uses in both commercial and industrial applications.

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